Welcome to the Laboratory for Advanced Biopolymers and Nanomechanics of Proteins (LABNanoPro)!

Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: Ryan, Annie, Luai, Olivia, Cristina, Max, Tessa, Sanjna, Lauren, Kirill, Mirko, Ionel, Narayan.

As part of the Biophysics group in the Physics Department, our lab is using cutting-edge single molecule force spectroscopy techniques to investigate the response of proteins to mechanical perturbations. Our research combines instrument development, protein engineering, covenant attachment chemistries, and computer programming to study the mechano-chemistry of proteins from single molecule to tissue organization. Located in the new Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Center, our group has a brand new wet-lab section, fully equipped for protein engineering and surface chemistry, and measuring facilities, such as a fully operational custom-made magnetic tweezers and a microscope mounted tensile tester for biological tissues/materials, currently under development. For more information about our research of interests, please refer to our recent publications here.

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May 21, 2019

Our Nature Methods article featured by Phys.org

The research published together with Raicu group (lead, from UWM) and Milligan lab (from University of Glasgow), was highlighted by Phys.org, for its potential to search for membrane receptor oligomerization, with larger implications in speeding drug development.

May 13, 2019

Article about our lab in GMF magazine

Our lab was featured on the Greater Milwaukee Foundation magazine Spring 2019 issue. The Foundation administers our Shaw Award, which helps us further our research program.


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